Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Youtube Download Manager Pro 6.02

Grab, download and convert video files from YouTubeYouTube Download Manager Pro application was designed to be a powerful, easy to use download manager for grabbing, downloading and converting video files from YouTube site up to 10 times faster than other conventional download managers.

You will be able to download and save the original video files, as you could easily convert these FLV files to AVI movie and video with excellent output quality. Avi files then can be played in Windows Media Player or other standard

multimedia player.

Here are some key features of "YouTube Download Manager Pro":
· Support Youtube site with multiple file downloads from queue
· Support ALL types of FLV files including On2 vp6 video FLV, H.263,H.264 video FLV and audio FLVs.
· Added right-click menu integration in your internet browser
· Added Drop Target window for comfortable using in your internet browser
· Easy-to-use interface
· Output profile is adjustable, you can compress movies to any size and quality you need
· Support convert all videos when all downloads done
· Support shutdown your PC when all jobs done

· Intel Pentium III/500 MHz or compatible
· 64MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
· 10 MB hard disk space

· 30 days time limit or 3 uses
What's New in This Release:· Fixed audio offset in damaged source FLV files · Added more output video settings · Added clever drop target for comfortable use (work fine with Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), easily find your downloads (added Goto File button)..

Download YouTube Download Manager Pro 6.0.5
CRACK for YouTube Download Manager Pro 6.0.5
KEYGEN for YouTube Download Manager Pro 6.0.5
PATCH for YouTube Download Manager Pro 6.0.5
YouTube Download Manager Pro 6.0.5 SERIAL

FireFox Version 7.1 Beta

The Web is all about innovation, and Firefox sets the pace with dozens of new features to deliver a faster, more secure and customizable Web browsing experience for all.User Experience. The enhancements to Firefox provide the best possible browsing experience on the Web. The new Firefox smart location bar, affectionately known as the "Awesome Bar," learns as people use it, adapting to user preferences and offering better fitting matches over time. Performance. Firefox is built on top of the powerful new Gecko platform, resulting in a safer, easier to use and more personal product. Security. Firefox raises the bar for security. The new malware and phishing protection helps protect from viruses, worms, trojans and spyware to keep people safe on the Web. Customization. Everyone uses the Web differently, and Firefox lets users customize their browser with more than 5,000 add-ons.
Latest Version

Windows Live Messenger 2011 Version (15.4.3538)

Windows Live Messenger makes it easier than ever to stay connected to the people you care about.
  • Favorites and groups - Put the people you chat with most at the top of your contacts, so you easily see when they're online. Want to chat with several people in one window? Just set up a group.
  • Share photos - Look at photos together, right in the conversation window. And Messenger tells you when people you know post new photos on Windows Live.
  • Customize - Show off your personal style with custom scenes, animated display pictures, and signature sounds.
  • Mobile and web - Using a public computer without Messenger? No problem! You can chat on the web from Windows Live Hotmail. Or, use Messenger on our mobile phone.
Get Messenger and stay in touch.
Latest Version

Skype Version 5.5.0

Skype is software for calling other people on their computers or phones. Download Skype and start calling for free all over the world.
The calls have excellent sound quality and are highly secure with end-to-end encryption. You don't even need to configure your firewall or router or any other networking gear.
Additionally it doesn't just work on Windows. Skype is also for Mac OS X, Linux and PDAs using Pocket PC, with a native look and feel for each platform. Talking, sending instant messages or even file transfers work between different platforms like a charm.

  • Skype calling - Skype has all the features of an ordinary phone so it's even easier to manage your calls.
  • Video calling - see who you are talking to at the same time as speaking to them.
  • Add Skype and SkypeOut contacts - Add contacts who use Skype and those who use ordinary phones so you can call more people.
  • Organising groups - group contacts under certain names and share them with your contacts so they can talk to them too.
  • Basic chat and emoticons - when it's not convenient to call, chat or Instant Message (IM) your contacts.
  • Group chat - for when it's easier to chat or Instant Message (IM) all your friends at once.
  • Profile settings - change how you appear to the world and let people know a bit about you.
  • Conference calling - talk to more than one friend at a time.
  • Import contacts - search your address book to find friends and family that already have a Skype name and start calling them for free.
  • View Outlook contacts - view and call your Microsoft Outlook® contacts quickly and directly from your Skype contact list.
  • Quickfilter and Speed-Dial - find Skype contacts, recent chats and SkypeOut contacts quickly and easily, then enter their Skype name to call them back quickly.
  •  Download
    Latest Version

Avira AnriVir Personal 10.2.0

 Avira AntiVir Personal - FREE Antivirus is a reliable free antivirus solution, that constantly and rapidly scans your computer for malicious programs such as viruses, Trojans, backdoor programs, hoaxes, worms, dialers etc. Monitors every action executed by the user or the operating system and reacts promptly when a malicious program is detected.
  • Detects and removes more than 150,000 viruses
  • Always among the winners of comparison test featured in computer journals
  • The resident Virus Guard serves to monitor file movements automatically, e.g. downloading of data from the internet
  • Scanning and repair of macro viruses
  • Protection against previously unknown macro viruses
  • Protection against trojans, worms, backdoors, jokes and other harmful programs
  • AntiVir protection against viruses, worms and Trojans
  • AntiDialer protection against expensive dialers
  • AntiRootkit protection against hidden rootkits
  • AntiPhishing protection against phishing
  • AntiSpyware protection against spyware and adware
  • NetbookSupport for laptops with low resolution
  • QuickRemoval eliminates viruses at the push of a button
  • Easy operation
  • Internet-Update Wizard for easy updating
  • Protection against previously unknown boot record viruses and master boot record viruses 
  •  Download
    Latest Version

Download SuperAntiSpyware 5.0.1118

SUPERAntiSpyware Professional features our highly advanced Real-Time Protection to ensure protection from installation or re-installation of potential threats as you surf the Internet. Used in conjunction with our First Chance Prevention and Registry Protection, your computer is protected from thousands of threats that attempt to infect and infiltrate your system at startup or while shutting down your system.Advanced Detection and Removal

  • Detect and Remove Spyware, Adware, Malware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms, KeyLoggers, HiJackers, Parasites, Rootkits, Rogue Security Products and many other types of threats.
  • Light on System Resources and won't slow down your computer like many other anti-spyware products. Won't conflict with your existing anti-spyware or anti-virus solution!
Real-Time Protection
  • Real-Time Blocking of threats! Prevent potentially harmful software from installing or re-installing!
  • First Chance Prevention examines over 50 critical points of your system each time your system starts up and shuts down to eliminate threats before they have a chance to infect and infiltrate your system.
  • Schedule either Quick, Complete or Custom Scans Daily or Weekly to ensure your computer is free from harmful software.
  •  Download
    Latest Version

Download Internet Download Manager 6.07 Build 9

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. Simple graphic user interface makes IDM user friendly and easy to use.
Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads.
Internet Download Manager supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing. IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle your downloads.

Latest Version

Download Google Chrome 15.0.865.0 Beta

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.One box for everything
Type in the address bar and get suggestions for both search and web pages.
Thumbnails of our top sites
Access your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab.
Incognito mode
Don't want pages you visit to show up in your web history? Choose incognito mode for private browsing.
Safe browsing
Google Chrome warns you if you're about to visit a suspected phishing, malware or otherwise unsafe website.
For information about alpha and developer builds, check out the Chrome dev channel here.

Latest Version

Download K-Lite Codec Pack 7.70 (Full)

The K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of DirectShow filters, VFW/ACM codecs, and tools. Codecs and DirectShow filters are needed for encoding and decoding audio and video formats. The K-Lite Codec Pack is designed as a user-friendly solution for playing all your audio and movie files.
With the K-Lite Codec Pack you should be able to play all the popular audio and video formats and even several less common formats.
The K-Lite Codec Pack has a couple of major advantages compared to other codec packs:

  • It is updated frequently. So it is always up-to-date with the newest and/or best components.
  • All components have been carefully selected for specific purposes. It is not just a random bunch of stuff thrown together.
  • It is very user-friendly and easy to use.
  • The installation is fully customizable, meaning that you are able to install just those components that you really want.
  • The customization abilities even go beyond the component level. Some components are able to handle multiple formats. You can specify exactly which components should handle which formats. The pack can thus be fully tweaked to your own specific needs and preferences.
  • Uninstallation removes everything that was installed by the pack. Including all registry keys.
  • It is extremely easy to make a fully customized unattended installation with the integrated wizard.
  • It does not contain any bad, buggy or unstable codecs.
  •  Download
    Latest Version

Download Firefox 6.0.1

The Web is all about innovation, and Firefox sets the pace with dozens of new features to deliver a faster, more secure and customizable Web browsing experience for all.User Experience. The enhancements to Firefox provide the best possible browsing experience on the Web. The new Firefox smart location bar, affectionately known as the "Awesome Bar," learns as people use it, adapting to user preferences and offering better fitting matches over time. Performance. Firefox is built on top of the powerful new Gecko platform, resulting in a safer, easier to use and more personal product. Security. Firefox raises the bar for security. The new malware and phishing protection helps protect from viruses, worms, trojans and spyware to keep people safe on the Web. Customization. Everyone uses the Web differently, and Firefox lets users customize their browser with more than 5,000 add-ons.
Latest Version

Download SSmartFTP 4.0.1211.0

Smart Ftp is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client which allows you to transfer files between your local computer and a server on the Internet. With its many basic and advanced features SmartFTP also offers secure, reliable and efficient transfers that make it a powerful tool.
Smart Ftp can be used for:
  • Web site publishing and maintenance
  • Upload and download of images, documents, movie and music files
  • Share your files with your friends and coworkers
  • Backups of local or remote files
Smart Ftp offers these features:
  • Quickly rename multiple files.
  • Search your hard drive in the Local Browser (Windows Vista and higher)
  •  Download
    Latest Version

Download MediaMonkey Beta

MediaMonkey is a music manager and jukebox for serious music collectors and iPod users. It catalogs your CDs, OGG, WMA, MPC, FLAC, APE, WAV and MP3 audio files. It offers an intelligent tag editor which looks up missing Album Art and track information via Freedb and the web, and an automated file and directory renamer to organize your music library.
  • Organize music and edit tags in your audio library with a powerful, intuitive interface
  • Automatically lookup and tag Album Art and other metadata
  • Manage 50,000+ files in your music collection without bogging down
  • Play MP3s and other audio formats, and never again worry about varying volume
  • Record CDs into OGG, MP3, FLAC and WMA files
  • Convert MP3s, OGG, FLAC and WMA files into other formats with the Audio Converter
  • Create playlists and music mixes quickly and easily to suit any occasion
  • Synchronize with iPods / MP3 players effortlessly and convert tracks on-the-fly
  • Download audio content using the new integrated Podcatcher.
  • Use MediaMonkey for Parties or other public places with Party Mode
  • Create Statistics and other Reports of your music collection as Excel, html, or xml files.
  • Customize MediaMonkey with Skins, visualizations, plug-ins and scripts to make it do what you want it to.
  • Plus much more... 
  •  Download
    Latest Version

Want the Cursor like on this Blog

Go on Blogger Dashboard,
Then Design,
Then Add a New Gadget with HTML Code

Paste that script in a New Gadget

<script language="javascript">

var text='Welcome....';

var delay=40; // SPEED OF TRAIL
var endhtml='</b></font>'; // END HTML CODE. MOSTLY USED IF ABOVE SETTING IS USED.

//********** NO NEED TO EDIT BELOW HERE **********\\

ns4 = (navigator.appName.indexOf("Netscape")>=0 && document.layers)? true : false;
ie4 = (document.all && !document.getElementById)? true : false;
ie5 = (document.all && document.getElementById)? true : false;
ns6 = (document.getElementById && navigator.appName.indexOf("Netscape")>=0 )? true: false;
var txtA=new Array();
var x1=0;
var y1=-1000;
var t='';

t+=(ns4)? '<layer left="0" top="-100" width="'+txtw+'" name="txt'+i+'" height="1">' : '<div id="txt'+i+'" style="position:absolute; top:-100px; left:0px; height:1px; width:'+txtw+'; visibility:visible;">';
t+=(ns4)? '</layer>' : '</div>';

function moveid(id,x,y){

function animate(evt){

function getidleft(id){
if(ns4)return id.left;
else return parseInt(id.style.left);

function getidtop(id){
if(ns4)return id.top;
else return parseInt(id.style.top);

function getwindowwidth(){
if(ie4||ie5)return document.body.clientWidth+document.body.scrollLeft;
else return window.innerWidth+pageXOffset;

function movetxts(){
}else moveid(txtA[i], getidleft(txtA[i-1])+txtw, getidtop(txtA[i-1]));


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Turn Your Old Computer Into A Brand New Hookah

Got an old computer which you just don't wanna use? Well, it would be best if you threw it away or maybe earn half a dollar by selling it as scrap...OR how about i give you an even better idea? How about turning your old computer into a brand new Hookah?  With a little bit of effort you can turn that old gadget into some peculiar-looking smoking paraphernalia like this....

Turn your old PC into a brand new Hookah!
Now really interested in having one yourself? Well it is very easy and won't cost you anything. Just follow the 7 steps below and enjoy. (To view each step in detail, click on the image) 
 Hours of work to reclaim

Here's the first reclaimed material for the project...My grandfather gave us some acrylic 30+ years ago (not an exaggeration) from the steel mill he use to work at.  Researching similar topics online seemed like no one had hope, claiming it'll crack when I try to work with it, I'll never get the paper off, etc... It did take HOURS of scrubbing, the best thing I found …
 CD drive bowl slider
The bowl piece in which the tobacco is smoked, is mounted in/on top of a gutted cd rom drive...This drive in particular is from 1998, and was pulled out as a spare long ago from another computer that came and went, I'm assuming due to something mechanical broken, the cd drive never stays closed...So I thought it would be a good fit for this project, when the computer
 A new paintjob
The old case was a pretty busted black, and just wasn't going to fit with it's new hip purpose.  I chose colors that would really bounce, with some inspiration coming from the Caterpillar of Alice in Wonderland.
 More cosmetics
With the new acrylic sides and flashy paint job, I went on a whim decision and thought I would try my hand at engraving acrylic for the first time.  Most people seem to use their rotary tool, but I just so happen to have a pencil engraver at my disposal from my dad.  Honestly I think it was much easier to use than my Dremel would have been, the Dremel seems to have a "…

I had planned to use some bubble stones in the resevoir of the hookah for a nice bubble effect.  I used a standard air pump from an old aquarium setup and tapped into the AC outlet inside of the power supply while I was painting it.  The same method is used in the computer aquarium that was entered in to the Dead Computer Contest here, this was my plan all along but he…
 The reservoir
I made an acrylic box, also with 30+ year old acrylic but of 3/4".  The box is 5.75" tall, 6" deep, and a little over 12" long, the size fills up most of the remaining space inside the case.  The reservoir was glued together using JB Weld acrylic glue, and clamped together overnight.  The lid is a separate piece of acrylic that sits on top.  I drilled a hole in each co…
It took a solid three days for me to complete this project.  Everyone is really wowed when I show them, but in all honesty, nothing was incredibly difficult.   The project as a whole is something you kind of have to calculate on the go.  Looking on the finished project now there is more I'd like to add and change as with any good project, but the YaHookah has been a co…
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Monday, 22 August 2011

How to put your name in Task Bar next to the clock ?

You can put your name in the task bar ..

Just for fun ….

1. Go to control panel and choose Regional and Language options .

2. the box appears click Customize ..

3. then click the Time Tab .

4. after that go to AM symbol combo box and print your name .

5. and in PM symbol combo box print your name too ..

6. click apply and ok .

7. then Ok .. you will see your name in the task bar

you can see this video and do just what i did ..

Every Computer Needs Anti Virus Software

There are a few things in life that everyone simply needs. I’l be the first to agree that we use the word “need” far too often when really we are probably wanting something rather than truly needing it. I believe strongly that everyone needs clean water, adequate food, proper medical care and a safe place to live and sleep. I will not say, however, that everyone in the world needs to drive an expensive sports car or go on vacation four times a year. As an internet design specialist, I must say that everyone who owns a computer must have anti virus software.

There is no question about it: anti virus software is a must for an internet using computer in the world. Why? Simply put, because far too many people have taken pleasure in or made a job out of messing up the security of the internet. Far too many people think that placing a virus over the internet that will effectively destroy many computers and programs is a comical thing. And this is why anti virus software is a must for all computer owners.

Anti virus software exists to combat the evil people who are at work to bring a nasty virus to your computer. A virus can come through a variety of ways and many that are seemingly innocent and unsuspecting. So anti virus software must work very hard to bring the level of protection that is necessary to personal and public computers of all kinds.

If you are unsure about where or how to get the right anti virus software for you, then talk with a friend who knows about computers or visit a store that specializes in computers and internet security. Talk through your options and do a little research to see exactly what you’re getting for any kind of anti virus software. Make sure you choose anti virus software that will be effective in destroying the things you need destroyed.

You will never be fully safe to browse the internet or to use a computer until it is protected by strong anti virus software. So take some time, use some money and get your computer protected by good anti virus software. You will not see any effects of the software on your computer. Keep in mind that this is exactly the point: your anti virus software will keep you from having any problems or disfunctions with your computer and you’ll be able to get back to work or to play hassle free on the computer.

Accessory Computer

A home away from home is a great thing, so why not have an office away from the office too?The spare room or a quiet corner can be a perfect place for productivity. To outfit your workspace, you might need to invest in some new hardware like a second computer, a bigger monitor or a high-quality printer. Once you’ve got your home computer set-up, you’ll need to connect it to the Internet or network it to other computers and peripherals in the house. With a good grasp of the facts and a firm idea of your work habits, you’ll be ready to make sensible choices for your home-made office.

• The Computer. Not everyone needs the same level of performance in a home office computer. You might use your computer primarily for word processing and email which requires little processing power. On the other hand, you may want more power to run database analysis, large spreadsheets or graphics applications. The type of work you do and your work load will determine whether you need a computer with a lot of brawn or just a little.

• Processor. A computer’s processor or central processing Unit (CPU) is the engine that powers the device. The speed of the processor is called the clock speed which measures how fast the processor can carry out instructions. Speed is measured in MegaHertz (MHz) and is one measure of a computer’s power. A typical home office Windows PC should have at minimum a 500 MHz processor. A power user would probably prefer 800 MHz or higher. If you know your computing needs are modest, and you want to save some money, an older machine with a slower processor is worth considering. When looking at an Apple Macintosh, keep in mind that you can’t simply compare processor speeds with Windows machines, as the two types of computers have different system designs. Macs generally have lower processor speeds in MHz but don’t let that fool you. Newer Macs like the iMac can definitely keep pace with PCs.

• Random Access Memory (RAM). When the computer is turned on, RAM is used to hold the operating system, applications and data that you’re currently running. Information in RAM is rapidly available to the processor. When RAM fills up, the computer slows down because it now has to retrieve information from the slower hard drive. Imagine documents on your desk in front of you, readily at hand when you need them. But when your desktop is full, you have to file and retrieve documents elsewhere, which takes more time. The amount of RAM you need is influenced by the type of applications you use. Graphics programs like Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator use a fair bit of memory. Word processing and spreadsheet programs use somewhat less memory. Users who like to multi-task and prefer having multiple applications running simultaneously will definitely want plenty of memory. More memory gives you a larger “workspace” and makes your computer perform faster with fewer glitches. A typical user needs at least 64 MB of RAM with 128 MB becoming the norm. In virtually all computers, you can expand the memory as you need more.

• Hard Drive. This is the computer’s filing cabinet where all your applications and data are permanently stored. Most users can fit many years of productivity into a 6 to 10 GB hard drive. If you need to store a lot of information like several years of business records or image catalogues, then you may want a more spacious hard drive. Luckily, a bigger hard drive won’t cost you that much extra. Alternately, you could invest in a removable storage drive.

• Expansion. It never hurts to get a system with room to grow, especially if you foresee your home office needs evolving. Find out how many RAM slots a system has and what the maximum amount of RAM is. Adding expansion cards to your system for 3D graphics or ethernet will increase the functionality of your computer. Look for a system with two or three free expansion slots and room for additional disk drives.

Computer Slow Down !!– Registry Cleaning

Microsoft Windows based computer will gradually slow down from time to time. The biggest issues are caused by registry growing. Registry growth is unavoidable because of:

1. Uninstalled programs don’t clean up the registry.
2. Too many information stored in the registry instead of database.
3. Temporary information not cleans up.
4. Too many programs installed.

Window Registry was first introduced in Windows 95, it was design to replace the old .ini file, which allows not just 2 levels of grouping in settings, but unlimited levels of tree settings! Microsoft likes complexity, they think of simplicity as outdated technology, which still widely use in other operating system, like UNIX and Linux.

Because of the Advance technology, windows’ user has to upgrade their computer to process the registry information! And this is bad news for me, because I am just like others, cannot afford to upgrade the
computer every single year! The cheapest way is to do regular maintenance on registry.

Until .NET platform become popular (3/5 years down the road), we still need to rely on this bad design architecture, and we have learn how to live with it – Use some registry cleaning tools.

I remember my first registry cleaner was from Norton utility. That was the old days where Norton utility was the only few proper tuning tools for windows! Nowadays we have over hundreds types of registry cleaning tools; some are pure registry cleaner, some are subset of a larger toolset.

I prefer to use more professional registry cleaner, larger toolset doesn’t provides a very effective cleaning. The ideally best registry cleaning tool must be able to identified unwanted registry entry, safely remove identified items and able to optimize and compress the registry to its’ minimum!

If your personal computer is slowing down, first thing you should do is to uninstall all unused, unnecessary and unwanted software from your operating system, try to keep your window software as less as possible (Not to say you can’t have more), and focus on the tools that you really need.

Secondly, you should use one or few proper registry cleaning tools to tidy up the registry, eliminates all unused settings, information in the window registry, but remember to backup the registry first! Most registry cleaning tool will provides backup function for restore, if the cleaning “too much” and cause unstable behavior to the software or window operating system.

Never, ever use a registry cleaner without backup function! (Unless you want to backup manually every time before cleaning)

After cleaning up the window registry, you should restore 30% or more of your computer performance. If you still feel that the system is slow, you might be infected by virus or spyware, scan your computer with Anti Virus and Anti Spyware Software.

If you want to regain more speed, better startup and shutdown, free up your memory and unleash the power of your window, you should visit my web site for more information and tools on how to speed up your slow computer.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Now Facebook Chat Your Desktop with Facebook Discovery

FacebookDiscovery is a lightweight Windows application that enables you to run Facebook chat application from your desktop, without the need to log into your Facebook account on web browser.
This free Facebook chat client works similar as other instant messengers like Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger, except that it is designed for Facebook. Well, you may ask, what is the benefits of using this Facebook chat client, as opposed to running Facebook chat from browser?
One of the benefits or features is the ability to easily update your Facebook status directly from application. In addition, FacebookDiscovery enables you to store all your chat conversations in your hard drive. Plus, the features like emoticons and typing notifications are supported too. And you also get tray alerts every time your Facebook contact signs in, signs out, becomes idle, comes back from being idle or sends you message.
On the first run after installation, you are prompted to provide your Facebook login information. Enter your login email address and password, then hit the login button.
Now, you’re in the main window. You should see all your currently online Facebook contacts, listed in groups. If you wish to update your status, click on the box with the text, “What’s on your mind?”.
To start a conversation, double click on the contact that you wish to chat with. A conversation window will appear. There is a “diskette” icon at the top right that enables you to save your conversation. Plus, you can use emoticons while chatting.
Tray alerts will pop up as your Facebook contact signs in, signs out, becomes idle, comes back from being idle or sends you message.
The settings window, you can sort contacts by status or name, choose the profile picture size of the contact list, choose to show alerts for any contact event, show message history, show emoticons in the conversation, choose the directory to store the message history and more.
FacebookDiscovery is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, 2003 and Windows XP operating system.

Send Angry Birds Easter Cards in Facebook

With the release of the Easter edition of the Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, the guys over Rovio Mobile also updated their Angry Birds Seasons Facebook app page to enable you to customize Angry Birds-theme cards for Easter.
Available in five designs. Simply choose a design for your card, then select either to post the card on your Facebook friend’s wall or on your own wall. Next, click the Send! button.
A dialog box will appear. In the box, write your Easter message before hitting the Publish button. Done!
Now, head over to the Angry Birds Seasons Facebook page and send your Easter cards!

Facebook Security

Facebook has released an official guide to Facebook Security, a free ebook for Facebook users, particularly for young adults, parents and educators, on learning the tips to stay secure on Facebookand protect your Facebook account from scammers, imposters and malware.
In the 14-page guide (written by Linda McCarthy, Keith Watson and Denise Weldon-Siviy), you will learn on how to :
  • Protect your Facebook account
  • Avoid scammers
  • Use advanced security settings
  • Recover a hacked Facebook account
  • Stop imposters
Also, you will learn the unique tools and advanced security settings that Facebook provides to keep your account safe. Those tools include options for secure browsing, one-time passwords, single sign-on, the ability to monitor account activities, login approvals, the ability to remotely end account activity, and social authentication.
At the end of the guide, you should find the top tips to stay secure on Facebook. Read it to find out. =D

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Creative Inspire 5200 5.1 Speakers Price In Pakistan Rs.5,000




Technical Specifications

Model MMS4250
Rated Power Satellites

6 Watts RMS per channel (x 5 channels)


17 Watts RMS
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 75dB
Frequency Response 40Hz – 20kHz
Weight Satellites

425g / 0.94lbs


3.1kg / 6.8lbs

Wired Remote Control

100g / 0.22lbs
Dimension (LxWxH) Satellites

88.5mm x 101.2mm x 162.4mm


225mm x 251mm x 225mm

Wired Remote Control

79mm x 48mm x 27mm
Cables Front Left/Right Satellite (permanent connection) :6.5 ft./ 2m (RCA Black plug)

Rear Left & Right & center Satellite (permanent connection) 5m / 16ft (RCA Black plug)

Triple stereo line-in audio 6.5ft./ 2m (Gold – plated)

Volume Control 6.5ft. / 2m (Color – Black)
Power Adaptor 12 V AC/ 4.2A

12 ft / 3.7m (Overall Length)

Friday, 19 August 2011

HotSpot Shield 2012

Hotspot Shield creates a virtual private network (VPN) between your laptop or iPhone and our Internet gateway. This impenetrable tunnel prevents snoopers, hackers, ISP’s, from viewing your web browsing activities, instant messages, downloads, credit card information or anything else you send over the network. Hotspot Shield security application is free to download, employs the latest VPN technology, and is easy to install and use.

So go ahead – Get behind the Shield – Try Hotspot Shield today!

Hotspot Shield runs on:
Windows 7
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows Vista
Mac OS X (10.5 Leopard)
Mac OS X (10.6 Snow Leopard)
Mac OS X (10.7 Lion)

Download HotSpot Shield 2012

Kaspersky Rescue Boot Disk

Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10
– a boot disk that contains the scanner is Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Boot with the disk Kaspersky Rescue Disk, for that would detect and remove the infected computer malware and other threats without the risk of infecting other files and computers. Kaspersky Rescue Disk allows you to more effectively cope with the virus, as this disc does not require loading Windows, and therefore malicious programs will be inactive.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 – Special program designed to scan and disinfect infected x86 and x64-compatible computers. The program is used when the extent of infection, when it is not possible to cure your computer with antivirus programs or tools of treatment (eg, Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool), running under the operating system. The effectiveness of treatment is enhanced by the fact that in the system are malicious programs do not get control at boot time.

Download Kaspersky Rescue Boot Disk

Paragon Partition manager 11

With growing hard drive capacity, the need to reasonably split up the space is more important than ever.Any operations with hard drives are critical, and reliability of performance is one of the most important tasks when choosing partitioning software. For over 15 years Partition Manager has been the market leader in the field of disk partitioning, which proves its reliability! Our experience and the use of new technologies will allow us to solve any disk partitioning tasks.

For Physical Systems:
* Support for the latest Windows 7
* Live imaging and migration with two snapshot technologies onboard, MS Volume Shadow Copy Service and Paragon Hot Processing
* Partitioning of any complexity
* Comprehensive recovery environments based on DOS, Linux, and WinPE 3.0 are available on CD/DVD/Blu-ray, thumb drives, or Backup Capsules
* Fast restore at a granular level without the need to restore the whole image
* Easy management of several operating systems on one computer
* Fixing most of the system boot problems without restore

For Virtual Machines:
* Support for major virtual machines
* Any type of migration (P2V, P2V Restore, V2P, V2V, P2P, migration of Windows 7 installed on .vhd)
* Work with virtual disks as if they are physical (Connect VD)
* Guarantee support of the latest hardware configurations
* Fast data exchange between physical and virtual disks, between virtual disks of different vendors, or between a virtual disk and its snapshots

Paragon Alignment Tool:
* Boost performance of AFD (Advanced Format Drive) by 300%
* Triple lifespan and performance of SSD (Solid State Drive)
* Boost performance of virtual machines by 300%

Download Paragon Partition manager 11

Windows 7 Manager V.2.0.9

The complete solution to optimize, tweak, clean up Windows 7! A all-in-one utility to tweak, optimize, tweak, tune up and clean up your Windows 7, it bundles more than 30 different utilities in one and help your system faster and more stable, secure and personal! Windows 7 Manager is a system utility that helps you optimize, tweak, and clean up Windows 7. It will increase your system speed, improve system security, and meet all of your expectations.

Windows 7 is the newest Operating System for home users and professionals alike. Windows 7 brings clarity to your world, so you can more safely and easily accomplish everyday tasks and instantly find what you want on your PC.Windows 7 Manager is the powerful software tool to tweak and optimize your Windows 7, it bundles more than 30 different utilities in one and help your system faster and more stable, secure and personal!

Features and Benefits of Windows 7 Manager:
• Information. Get detailed system and all hardware information on your system; show all detailed information of running processes and threads on your machine; Windows 7 Manager offers 1-clicking cleans your system automatically.
• Optimizer.Tweak your system to improve windows startup and shutdown speed; tweak your hardware to increase system speed and performance; Optimize Task Schedule to turn off unnecessary system tasks.
• Cleaner. Find out which files or folders engross your disk space and shown with chart; Find and clean junk files to increase Hard Disk space; Duplicate Files Finder can scan your computer for files with the same size, name and modification time; Registry Cleaner can easily checks your registry and repair incorrectly linked registry entries, automatically remove invalid entries; Registry Defrag rebuilds and re-indexs your registry to reduce application response time and registry access time.
• Customization. Control what is started on Windows startup; tune up Windows 7 boot menu; edit context menus of mouse Right-Clicking; customize system desktop, menus, toolbar and notifications settings; automatically change your desktop wallpaper on background.
• Security. You can improve desktop, menus, Windows logon securities, and enable numerous hidden performance options of system, disable system updates and error reports; hide and restrict to access drives, specify which applications are not allowed to be executed on your computer; encrypt/decrypt and shred files, change the location of system folders; Privacy Protector can maintain your personal privacy by eliminating the tracks that you leave behind; create lots of randomization password once.
• Network. Optimize your Internet connection speed, manage all shares items; tweak your Internet Explorer easily.
• Misc. Utilities. Show the collection of Windows utilities; help you find out the installation key of Windows, Office products; shutdown your PC or remind you automatically.

Changes in Windows 7 Manager 2.0.9, 03/15/2011:

- Junk File Cleaner updated to v2.2, you can delete SP1 backup file to save 1.2GB disk space
- Duplicate Files Finder updated to v1.5
- Task Scheduler Manager updated v1.4
- IE Manager updated to v2.0, add the support for Internet Explorer 9.0
- Live Update Updaetd to v1.4
- Add some tweaks.

Download Yamicsoft Windows 7 Manager V.2.0.9

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